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CACA 2015 Scheduled Meetings

All meetings on 3rd Thursday of the Month (No Meetings June or July)

February 19th (TH) 11:30am Luncheon at Riverview Holiday Inn

         Speaker: Philip Dunford, Investigator for Charleston MAIT Team

         Sponsor: None

March 19th (TH) 11:30am Luncheon at Holiday Inn

         Speaker: Jill King, Attorney, Trask/Howell – Workman’s Comp

         Sponsor: None

April 18th (TH) 5:30am Social: 6:00pm Meeting

         Speaker: Tim Buchanan of NICB “Ignition Switches”

         Sponsors: Network Restoration, Need 1 more

May – CACA Shan O’Quinn Golf Tournament – TBA

June – July = No Meetings

August 20th (TH) 11:30am Luncheon



September 17th (TH) 5:30pm Social: 6:00pm Meeting



October 15th (TH) 5:30pm – 7:30pm Social Event held at Hall Booth & Smith


         Sponsors: (Bar, Food Sponsor)

                           (Room Sponsor)

November 19th (TH) 11:30am Luncheon



December 4th (FR) – Oyster Roast – Place: GoldBug Island; Time: TBA

**** Sponsors needed for meetings. Please contact one of the local officers if you can sponsor any of these meetings!